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Introduction to Katrina Wynne, M.A. and Transformative Tarot Counseling™

An Introduction to Compassionate Communication with Katrina Wynne, M.A.
~ January 8, 2012

A Yachats Academy of Arts and Sciences presentation. “An Introduction to Compassionate Communication” is a Yachats Community workshop based on the teachings of Marshall B. Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication. Katrina Wynne, M.A. shares her training and experience in this interactive workshop on improving communication skills for a more peaceful world. To learn more about NVC from certified trainers, please visit this website: For resources in Oregon, here is their website:


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ORACLE SOUP – with Katrina Wynne and Gina Thies

Established April 26, 2013!!!

“How to be a better reader”
“Transference and counter-transference”
“Code of Ethic for Readers”
“Values & Reading Philosophy”
“Fun with Decks”
“To Charge, or Not to Charge?”
“Conferences, Conventions, and more…Oh My!”
“‘Seasoned’ Readers’ Advice to Novices”
“Old Wives’ Tales – myths and taboos”
“Question about Questions”
“Oracle Soup Gets a Reading”
“Bookaholics Anonymous”
“Burnout and Boredom”
“Tarot and Meditation”
“May the Circle be Unbroken”
“If you can’t stand the heat….Difficult Sessions”
“Ringing in the New…Year, Life, Purpose”

KatrinaWynnePSYCHIC ACCESS TALK RADIO with Maureen Holleran

Transformative Tarot Counseling with Katrina Wynne, M.A.
 ~ December 26, 2013

Katrina pioneered Tarot Counseling and introduces contrasting qualities between this style and psychic readings. “Synchronicity isn’t a happening, it is an awakening.” Discussion touches upon the concept of “Synchronicity” and addresses questions about counseling sessions and using cards. She introduces her new Professional Tarot Consulting Program.

BEYOND WORLDS – TAROT TRIBE with Donnaleigh and Friends on BlogTalkRadio internet radio:

Sex in Tarot  with Katrina Wynne, M.A.
~ June 26, 2011

With a title like “Sex in Tarot” it might seem like we are just trying to titillate your interest, but the truth is sexual energy and symbolism are integral aspects of Tarot wisdom. Please join us for some serious fun and games while we explore all things sexual with Tarot. Bring your input and questions to the mix for this lively discussion with Katrina during her third delightful guest appearance on Beyond Worlds – Your Tarot Tribe.

Addressing Conflict  with Tarot with Katrina Wynne, M.A.
~ April 2, 2011

Katrina Wynne presents Tarot as a Psycho-Spiritual Approach to Addressing Conflict.

Tarot is a powerful tool for addressing many aspects of life, including conflict and division. Conflict is when we are stuck in a dualist experience, while the Tarot teaches a message of unity. How can we utilize the wisdom of Tarot next time we are faced with difficulty? Which archetypal image examplars speak to different aspects of conflict or compassion? Please join this dynamic exploration with Katrina on Beyond Worlds – Your Tarot Tribe.

The Art and Magic of Transformation and Change  with Katrina Wynne, M.A.
~ November 13, 2010

Katrina Wynne, M.A., offer us a class with a combination of theory and practice that dives into counseling skills and the value of supporting awareness and change for your tarot clients.


THE TAROT GUILD – NuLife Radio “Kosmic Koffee with Kooch” and Dax Carlisle on BlogTalkRadio internet radio:

Katrina’s Transformative Life with Tarot with Katrina Wynne

~ July 3, 2013

Katrina Wynne, MA teaches the lessons symbolized in the Tarot as a sacred journey of the soul. She’ll talk about how readers may give a life of service to their tarot path and what it means to be on this journey. Show includes two small sample readings!

THE TAROT GUILD – TAROT TODAY with Dax Carlisle on BlogTalkRadio internet radio:

Sacred Journey of Your Soul  with Katrina Wynne, M.A.
~ August, 10 2010

Katrina Wynne, M.A. takes us through the major arcana of the Tarot to tell the story of our sacred journey as it unfolds with the cards’ lessons. Each trump has an archetypal law about life that we are here to learn. This knowledge empowers readers to associate the meaning of the cards in consultations. This is a two-hour internet course offered as a gift to all Tarot lovers as well as the curious.

For more information about KATRINA’S RADIO CAREER, please follow this link to her webpage.


 Tarosophist International Tarot Magazine #7 – Summer 2010
Tarot Counseling & Ethics – Part 1 Counseling Skills
Tarosophist International v1iss7

 Tarosophist International Tarot Magazine #8 – Autumn 2010
Tarot Counseling & Ethics – Part 2 Counseling Ethics
Tarosophist International v1iss8

 Tarosophist International Tarot Magazine #16 – Autumn 2012
Tarot Magic and Change
Tarosophist International v1iss16

 Tarosophist International Tarot Magazine #17 – Winter 2012
Tarot and Community
Tarosophist International v1iss17

To order your copy of this premier magazine, follow the link under each article.


Enrique Enriquez (Author), Bent Sørensen (Introduction)
“Conversation with Katrina Wynne, M.A.”

Abyssal Tarot card courtesy of Shelley Corbett

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