Qahira Lynn – Visionary Artist

Qahira is a friend of mine who is a visionary spiritual artist, a mystic muralist of the Dreamtime, who is skilled in listening to my visions and creating amazing images such as the cover art for my Tarot History poster and the “Sacred Journey” logo for my weblog and book covers (see above).

Here is what she says about herself. Please be sure to visit her websites listed below.


I never learned how to color inside the lines literally or metaphorically.

I attended art school, studied painting in college, and art therapy in graduate school, but feel that I have spent my time since then attempting to unlearn whatever it was they were trying to teach. My feeling is that I am self-taught — I believe that I never did catch on to whatever it was I was supposed to catch on to.

I live in a tiny village on the Oregon coast and make paintings. I do not call what I do art, and really haven’t the slightest idea what “art” is — I just do what I do…

If I am an artist at all, I am a visionary spiritual artist, a mystic muralist of the Dreamtime. With my images, I attempt to evoke magic…spiraling and emerging through the sacred symbology of the divine source, the great mother, the One.

I have a passion for reaching into the essence to what is deeper than words, making pictures of what is beneath the surface, behind the veil, healing what arises from the depths of the world soul, activating the powers of intention, creating magic and revealing transcendence.

I feel that the role of the “artist” in this time is to be a shaman in the very deepest sense of that word, working to dispel commonly held illusions and delusions – perhaps through the creation of “illusions” – and to help bring about a true healing to her/his culture: to nurture and feed the world soul.

Qahira’s website is:

Here are a few more links:

Qahira can also be found on Facebook:

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