Transformative Tarot Counseling™ Certification Program

Katrina Wynne, M.A.

Counseling Skills for “Healing Professionals”
and “Metaphysical Consultants”

I originated and since 1991 have developed “Tarot Counseling,” comprising 45 years of Tarot research and experience with professional training in psychotherapy and a successful practice in psycho-spiritual counseling. My work with thousands of clients and students around the world has offered deeper, more personally attuned guidance utilizing my Transformative Tarot Counseling™ / Transformative Tarot Consulting™ techniques.

Presented in a dynamic, empowering and effective teaching style, I offer you individual attention and personalized instruction. This is a transformative encounter which must be experienced in person. Transformative Tarot Counseling™ / Transformative Tarot Consulting™ allows you to transcend the “fortune-telling” limitations of tarot reading as you incorporate knowledge and skills in counseling, psychology, ethics, psychic abilities, healing, and metaphysics with a more profound spiritual awareness in your tarot work.

Many classes are available as individual experiences. Each class, or “Pathway”, can be applied toward satisfying one of the certification options.

Four Levels of Certification are available:

  1. Tarot Divination – basic card and reading knowledge for the initiate
  2. Meta-Tarot Counseling™ / Meta-Tarot Consulting™ – counseling skills for beginning professionals
  3. Transformative Tarot Counseling™ / Transformative Tarot Consulting™ – deeper metaphysical wisdom
  4. Transformative Tarot Teaching™ – sharing this knowledge with new initiates

7  Tracks on the Course / areas of concentration

22 Pathways / classes

Red Track “Beginning Tarot” – getting to know the materials
First Pathway – Basic tarot card knowledge
– General information about tarot decks
– Basic structure of tarot deck
– Knowledge of the tarot cards
Second Pathway – beginning visual symbols and their sources
Orange Track “Intermediate Tarot” – relating with the cards
Third Pathway – layouts and reading skills
Fourth Pathway – intuitive skill building
“Tarot Divination exam”

Yellow Track “Tarot Alive™” – explore your self
Fifth Pathway – tarot numerology, life/soul & year cards
Sixth Pathway – “Tarot Alive™” living the archetypes
Green Track “Counseling Skills & Ethics” – compassion and counseling skills
Seventh Pathway – ethics & legal guidelines
Eighth Pathway – counseling skills & metaskills
Blue Track “Tarot Supervision” – mid-course test in tarot reading skills
Ninth Pathway – Meta-Tarot Counseling™ / Meta-Tarot Consulting™ supervision
Tenth Pathway“Meta-Tarot Counseling™ / Meta-Tarot Consulting™ exam”

Indigo Track – metaphysical knowledge
Eleventh Pathway – Dream Work skills
Twelfth Pathway – Psychology
Thirteenth Pathway – Symbolism in Tarot
Fourteenth Pathway – Alchemy in Tarot
Fifteenth Pathway – Astrology in Tarot
Sixteenth Pathway – Kabbalah in Tarot
Violet Track – Spiritual Wisdom
Seventeenth Pathway – Meditation
Eighteenth Pathway – Energy Work
Nineteenth Pathway – Deeper intuitive work
Twentieth Pathway – Comparative spiritual traditions
Twenty-first Pathway“Transformative Tarot Counseling™/ Transformative Tarot Consulting™ supervision, critique & exam”

Twenty-second Pathway – teaching skills & experience
“Certification in Transformative Tarot Teaching™”

Certification is based on the level of training completed.

Tarot Divination / Pathways 1-4
Ending with a test of the student’s tarot knowledge and basic skills.

Meta-Tarot Counseling™ / Meta-Tarot Consulting™ / Pathways 1-10
Ending with a test of the student’s tarot knowledge and basic skills.

Transformative Tarot Counseling™ / Transformative Tarot Consulting™ / Pathways 1-21
Completied when the student has integrated the tarot knowledge and consistently demonstrated confidence in their “Transformative Tarot Counseling™ / Transformative Tarot Consulting™” style under supervision.

Transformative Tarot Teaching™ / Pathways 1-22
Fulfilled with successfully planning, forming, and facilitating a series of supervised Transformative Tarot Counseling™ / Transformative Tarot Consulting™ classes.

Most classes are offered on the West coast of the United States. Classes are available worldwide. Check my schedule for class, location, and price. Please contact me by email or telephone if you have an interest in attending or sponsoring a class or TTC certification program in your area.

TAROT INTENSIVES are available now. For more information, please follow this link.

My WEBINARS offer the convenience of studying many of these lessons in your own home. For more information, please follow this link.

Thank you for your interest in the TTCCP!

Light and Love, Katrina Wynne


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