Private Retreats at Earth Heaven

Earth Heaven "Portal"

Earth Heaven “Portal”

Private Retreat at Earth Heaven in Yachats, Oregon

(541) 547-5123

Unique benefits of a private retreat:EarthHeaven-RiverMeditation

  • Private Hermitage in the forest, renewed by nature.
  • Healthy renewal with organic and natural meals provided by Earth Heaven.
  • Accelerate your work through any current situation, supported by private Soulful Counseling sessions with Katrina.
  • Concentrated period of time to focused personal learning with tutorial sessions with Katrina available by appointment.
  • Soul Purpose Guidance and realignment with your most meaningful life.
  • Open yourself to your deeper healing path. Katrina can provide Natural Health Coaching, Reconnective Healing™ work, and The Reconnection. Additional services can be included in your retreat package.

EarthHeaven-gardenRetreats are specifically designed for the need of the person or group and can include private session time,  shamanic ceremony, and coaching towards achieving intentions and goals. Other services, such as acupuncture, bodywork, massage, astrology reading, and more, can be arranged with enough advanced notice. Recommended stay minimum is 2 days for a private retreat. Cost is determined according to schedule and length of stay.

Katrina is taking a couple of years off from hosting private retreats. Check with her in 2018 for new opportunities.

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