Private Tarot Readings

imageSessions by appointment
+1 (541) 547-5123 –  land line

Private, professional, confidential and ethical sessions

Tarot knowledge, wisdom and experience dating from 1971
Professional counseling skills and experience since 1989

Phone, Zoom or Skype appointments available
$125 for initial hour session, $75 for additional ½ hour sessions

PayPal payments accepted- most credit cards honored, no need for a PP account

“I thought I loved myself pretty well, but my Tarot reading with Katrina guided me and inspired me to love myself even better. I gathered new clues about how to treat myself with the practical compassion I need to fully bloom. Her open-hearted curiosity stimulated my own open-hearted curiosity to operate at peak levels. I loved that! Her smart kindness catalyzed our ability to explore a frontier of my self-understanding.” (2019)   — Rob Brezsny, Free Will Astrology

Some of the types of readings available:

TRANSFORMATIVE TAROT COUNSELING™ / TRANSFORMATIVE TAROT CONSULTING™ – An in-depth intuitive tarot reading for exploring an issue or question for which you wish guidance. Katrina uses counseling skills combined with extensive tarot knowledge to assist you in receiving Tarot guidance and realizing your life potential.

PETITE LENORMAND – A classic fortune-telling card system.

CHAKRA/GEMSTONE READING – Balance chakras using the wisdom of Tarot and gemstones.


  • LIFE / SOUL CARD – An overview of your life purpose designed to look at long term patterns in your life, as well as revealing your personal gifts, talents and challenges.
  • YEAR CARD – Combined with the Life/Soul Card to look at influences to focus on for the current and coming year. Includes an overview of the challenge or opportunity presently in your life.

Tarot cards represent the sacred journey of our soul through this existence we call life. In reading the cards they reflect back to us the aspect of our journey that is unfolding in the moment and the potential energy and wisdom we may gain from the experience or challenge we are involved with at that time. This approach goes far beyond mere fortune telling and predictions, touching us at our core, going to the heart of the matter. Thus, the Tarot is a model and method of transformation, that magical process through which we pass from the known, over the edge of our perception, to enter the mystery of our greatest potential and it’s unfolding.

My gift in working with clients using the Tarot is enhanced by years of experience as a psychotherapist, training in the healing arts, and my calling as a spiritual guide. I blend my intuition and knowledge with my client’s energy to reveal the spirits at work and their lesson for us in the reading. Sometimes, I feel like a spiritual midwife, helping new life to be born!

In Tarot consulting I apply the same values and qualities as in my private practice … a compassionate, wise presence helping individuals, couples, and groups explore various challenges and life experiences to support healing and growth. I have an eclectic approach with training and experience working with many unusual and meaningful aspects of life including women’s issues, men’s issues, sexual issues, health challenges, addictions, social-political issues, mediation and conflict resolution, cultural awareness and honoring diversity, all spiritual beliefs and lifestyles, dreams and metaphysics.

“I remember with gratitude the nuanced and profound reading I got from you at the Fair a few years ago.” (2006) — Rob Brezsny, Free Will Astrology

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8 Responses to “Private Tarot Readings”
  1. Lesley says:

    Hello Katrina,
    I have been introduced to your site via Sparrow Tarot and it is inspirational. I have been reading tarot professionally for some years and am just in the mood to read your book, as counseling is exactly what we do! Please let me know how to get hold of a copy and many good wishes to you.

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