“Awakening Universal Purpose” reading

“Experiencing the ‘Universal Life Purpose‘ activation with Katrina Wynne was truly profound. It was a once in a lifetime reading where I was able to integrate deep parts of myself and experience them in a unique way.” — Melissa


with this profound Tarot / oracle activation ritual

The AWAKENING UNIVERSAL PURPOSE experience is having a profound effect on everyone who has received this special initiation.
Please read the “Testimonials” at the bottom of this page.

Contact Katrina: +1 (541) 547-5123  landline


If you are someone who desires to reach beyond daily life to tune to your inherent gifts, intuitive strengths, and divine guidance, this is the reading for you. 

The awakening universe activation ritual opens you to receive frequencies from all 10 dimensions simultaneously as your body is grounded in this time and space. Awaken your consciousness and align with your greatest potential as you discover your personal universal purpose. Katrina facilitates this profoundly unique ritual of initiation for you, a powerful reading designed to reveal your essential self and the pathway of your soul’s journey.

Drawing from Barbara Hand Clow’s Alchemy of Nine Dimensions and Carl Calleman’s The Purposeful Universe, as well as guidance from the dream realm, Katrina’s 10-level experiential activation touches upon core issues and presents bridges to higher realms of consciousness for you. Guided meditation to open your conscious awareness is integrated with sacred music by Michael Sterns, composed specifically for Barbara Hand Clow’s Alchemy of Nine Dimensions. You select your card for each dimension, blending insight, knowledge, and cosmic energy to receive your unique message. Practical real world support and suggests may be provided to help clarify your path, by the cards, and by Katrina, an experienced guide for grounding your message from the dream realm and other dimensions.

Feel free to read more about the workings of this spread in her weblog post titled, “NEW Awakening Universal Purpose reading”

Each reading includes a full color copy of the “Awakening Universal Purpose” poster provided to you for notes from your session.

A profound reading as unique as one’s astrological birth chart

Awakening Universal Purpose
Katrina Wynne, M.A.

Sessions by appointment
+1 (541) 547-5123  landline & voicemail


Private, professional, confidential and ethical sessions
Tarot knowledge, wisdom and experience dating from 1971
Professional counseling skills and experience since 1987

In-person, phone, Zoom or Skype appointments available

Individual activation session is 2+ hours, $200 (USD) *

Small Group (2-6 people) activation session is 3+ hours, $400 (USD) *

Large Group (7-24 people) activation session is 3+ hours, $600 (USD) *

Reserve your appointment with advanced payment by check or PayPal.

PayPal payments accepted- most credit cards honored, no need for a PP account

* Activation ritual sessions are several hours long, so please care for your bodily needs before the meeting, prepare a private space for your ritual, and have water or tea nearby for drinking.


Donnaleigh de LaRose – posted on Facebook December 7, 2011
“A special thanks to Katrina Wynne for the soul journeying. I went to another dimension and back. Learned something that tied together the entire year for me. Now it all makes sense. ((Thank you)) Katrina.”
— Donnaleigh, New York, USA

“Yesterday’s experience was amazing…your intuitive words offered direct guidance to me and really hit home. The “ritual” brings one into spaces within that connect each layer of ones being, explanatory of both the light and shadow of ourselves with an impact hard to ignore. It was almost an epiphany… I feel gratitude for the intuitive teaching guided by Katrina, it was validating and reinforced my spiritual journey. Now, it is up to me to put the amazing, “aha” experience into practice.  Thank you!”
— Barbara, Oregon, USA

“Katrina thank you so much for taking me on a deep dive through the Awakening Universal Purpose. I was blown away by how much i felt and experienced and the insights that emerged. I still feel its effects 6 weeks later in that i’m experiencing a lot of shifts on all levels. I feel i’m being fast tracked into being Purposeful and Source led. As i re-read my notes, i am again reminded of the Power within, that i am unfolding and becoming That which is speaking to me in every moment, That which was revealed to me during this beautiful soul opening experience” — Manisha, Hawaii, USA

“I hope sharing my story (posted on the weblog) helps people to open Love to Divine Source. Good luck to you on your career and bless everyone who comes to you for help.”
— Nhan, Oregon, USA

“Experiencing the ‘Universal Life Purpose’ activation with Katrina Wynne was truly profound. It was a once in a lifetime reading where I was able to integrate deep parts of myself and experience them in a unique way. We did this reading through Skype and found the process was in no way altered by communicating through this medium.

“The reading itself allowed me to tap into core dimensions which I have felt over the course of my life, but never had the opportunity to explore in great depth. I appreciated the opportunity to match a figure in tarot to each level and personalize the dimension for myself. The division between the dimensions allowed me to characterize the different energies that I often tap into through meditation, prayer, art, and other forms of conscious expression and exploration.

“What I enjoy so much about Katrina’s readings is that they are done in a very personal way. I simply experienced this process while Katrina witnessed and facilitated it for me. It was a discovery of self, where I recognized my power in relation to universal sources of energy. What I really found pleasurable about this reading was Katrina’s ability to help me access the dimensions through meditation, music, a hand mudra, and spoken word. A diagram of the dimensions was in front of me along with colored depictions of where each dimension sits in relation to my point of reference. Plus, a meditative posture was used to capture the energy and awareness of the dimension at hand. After Katrina eased me into this space, I was able to draw a card that captivated and reflected this energy back to me. This allowed for more understanding and further exploration of the dimension at hand. Each card mirrored my experience of that dimension as we would build and explore higher and higher dimensions until we reached completion at the 10th, the universal source.”
— Melissa, Brazil

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