Tarot Retreat – Texas

“Tarot – Deep in the Heart of Texas”
La Grange, Texas, USA

Katrina’s newest Tarot Retreat gathering continues a new tradition to be enjoyed with her southwestern friends. La Grange is centrally located, only a few hours drive from Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and other great Texas towns. The Tarot Retreat is located on a charming farm, away from the busy-ness of cities and daily life, surrounded by the beautiful bluebonnet flowers of spring (hopefully still in bloom if we have enough rain).

What is the Tarot Retreat?
Katrina has been hosting Tarot Retreats since 1996 where Tarot enthusiasts share their interest and growing knowledge of Tarot. This event has three 3-hour sessions, including “Tarot Alive™”, an interactive Tarot actualization experience.

Our time together is filled with exchanging the latest news, from decks and books, fun Tarot games, to expanding Tarot skills and personal wisdom. Each session is a “leader-full” experience with great information flowing among the participants. All levels of Tarot or oracle familiarity are welcome!

Tarot Alive™ is a unique Tarot experience to help you tap into the deeper, more personal meaning of your life while supported by the simplicity of nature. You will learn the art of “Tarot Numerology” and apply it to exploring your soul and life lesson. (link to class summaries)

For your motel stay in La Grange, I recommend The Hampton Inn. Once I have confirmed the date, arrangements will be made: (Rooms fill up fast, so please reserve your motel room ASAP. Mention “Katrina Wynne” for a special rate.) There are several motels within a 10-15 mile radius of the farm where the Texas Tarot Retreat will be located. If you would like to share a room or transportation, please tell me if I can help facilitate arrangements.

Saturday ~ 1 – 2 pm “Greet & Eat” , 2 – 5 pm Session #1, 5 – 7 pm dinner, 7 – 10 pm “Tarot Alive™” Session #2
Sunday ~ 10 am – 1 pm Session #3
** An additional Tarot Class is available on Sunday, 2 – 5 pm, snacks provided, only $30 if full registrant for Tarot Retreat.

The Texas Tarot Retreat full fee is only $130, which includes three 3-hour sessions and two vegetarian, mostly organic meals with fresh produce and lots of goodies! Space is limited to 12 registrants so please reserve your place ASAP!

Friend Discount – Register a friend and bring them with you to take $25 off your registration. Friend discount only applies to full registrants. Contact Katrina to make this arrangement.

Part-time registrants of the Texas Tarot Retreat or the Sunday class pay $50 per session, with one meal per session. 10% discount is offered when registered for more than one session or class.

A special Sunday afternoon class is available from 2 – 5 pm for just $30 for weekend attendees ($50 for others, includes lunch). Registrants have a choice of many topics taught by Katrina Wynne.

Please send your $50 deposit to reserve your place in this intimate event by March 28th. Make your check or money order to Katrina Wynne. PayPal is also accepted. You do not need to have an account with them to use this service. Don’t forget to reserve your motel room when you register for the Texas Tarot Retreat.

DOWNLOADS to come:
* feel free to post this to let folks know about this special event!
Tarot Retreat Brochure & Registration Form

To register or for information, please contact Katrina
via telephone or email:

+1 (541) 547-5123. landline

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8 Responses to “Tarot Retreat – Texas”
  1. Mira says:

    I’m still new at Tarot reading. Would it still be ok to join the retreat?
    With love,

    • Transformative Tarot Counseling™ says:

      Howdy Mira,

      Would love to have you at a Tarot Retreat. As for Texas, it has been put on hold due the health of my friend who owns the farm near LaGrange.
      The Oregon Tarot Retreat is in its 19th year and anticipating a fabulous event.
      If you like, I can add your email to my Texas list to let you know when things start happening there again…maybe next March!

      Cheers, Katrina

  2. scogginsunl says:

    i would love to attend. I’m very very new. I do numerology and I’m teaching myself astrology. Do you know anyone that teaches? I would love to take lessons with someone that I can interact with while learning tarot and astrology.

  3. Minaxi says:

    Hi, when is your next retreat? I am interested in tarot classes.

    • Hi Minaxi,

      I was just in Texas a few days ago making plans with my friends who host the Texas Retreat. We are putting possible dates into the works, but it will most likely take us a year. I will put you on my email list for Texas and keep you in the loop.

      In the meantime, please check out my webinar recordings and online course. There is a 15% discount through the end of June! Here is a link to my “Study Tarot Online” webinar website: http://studytarotonline.wordpress.com/

      Best wishes to you and hope to see you in my next trip to Texas!!

  4. Terry Martin says:

    Katrina I did not knw about your Texas classes. I’m in Houston. When is your nxt date for Texas ? !!!

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